I used one of my ReVisions as a background to create this quote.

Dear Tina,

How are you? I am on a bit of an “Instagram High” after taking the Creative Live workshop with Instagram expert Sue B. Zimmerman. My instagram account has been active for a while now, but honestly, I didn’t really get how to use it. Now that I do understand it better I am blown away by the thoughtful, sharing community on Instagram, not to mention all the  creative things you can do with your images. There are a ton of apps for adding text, creating collages and even short videos that I think we can use for sharing our artwork in thoughtful ways. There is also a really cool site called, Printsagram that allows you to easily print all of your fabulous photos into books, mini squares, collages, posters, and other fun things. I think this will be a useful tool for me. I find so many of my photos just end up staying on my computer and I have a bunch of new frames just waiting to be updated with memories.


Even with all this awesome information, I reminded myself of my word and to simplify so I don’t get overwhelmed and with all this goodness. It is so easy to get distracted from what is most important, my ART). One simple thing I allowed myself was  updating my Instagram profile with the same picture I have on my facebook page (I still need to do this in pinterest), then added a description that better represented me. I allowed myself to try out one of the apps (although I want to try them ALL!) to start. WOWZA I love it! It is called, word swag and is perfect for me to marry all the sentiments & ideas that come to me with my paintings. All of images you see here I created with this app. using my paintings for backgrounds. Fun, right? I would love to see what you come up with using your artwork.

  fill someone up with love copy

My favorite take aways (and there were many) from this workshop was that Instagram is visual storytelling at its best. As you know one of my BIG goals for the year is to take better photographs with the amazing camera Brett was nice enough to get me. I have not been respecting the genius of this camera by usually shooting with the auto setting. So here I go, I am saying it out loud and committing (for the most part) to shoot only on manual. I think I am making progress. I really loved taking the photos I put in my last letter to you. The one where I am contemplating the BIG picture of life~ha! Anyway, I am having so much fun! I worked on my next ReVision while watching this workshop and will share more soon.

Until then…xoLaura

creative live.instagram in studio

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