Hello Sweet T, How are you? All set for Christmas? I spent most of yesterday and last night getting my shopping done. I was WAY behind this year! After the Open Studio I got busy catching up on holiday stuff at home and fulfilling orders for my shop. I just sold TWO original paintings as well as most of my calendars (SO EXCITED!). I have so many new things to list in the shop and will work on that over… Read more »

Dear Tina & friends, Thought I would share a few pictures from my recent Open Studio. The painting on the easel is a new painting I am working on. Right now it reads, “Have a Vision, what you believe you will become.” It is a spin on a mantra I have said to myself for years, “Your thoughts create your destiny.” Friday night was alive at the studio with friendly faces, art, music and an amazing energy hard to describe…. Read more »

A joyful hello! I had such a wonderful day yesterday preparing for our Open Studio. There is a lot to do before an event like this which often takes months to plan, not to mention all the time creating new work. Today I worked on my favorite task besides painting which is rearranging my studio! It takes awhile to do this and often I make a HUGE mess in the process but love doing it. I start by laying out… Read more »

Dear Tina (& friends) I was thinking about my last post while working on this painting in the studio. I had started it some time ago and just couldn’t find my way back into it, then something just clicked and it all came together. It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? I am only sharing the bottom corner of it as I want to sit with it a bit more before I declare it “finished” but I really like it… Read more »

Happy New Year! These two women in this antique photo have always set a tone for our blog and work.  They have become our logo of sorts to describe our collaboration, friendship, and intention to always have fun.  This past summer we recreated this photo with some of Laura’s vintage aprons.  Those bathing suits were one of a kind to recreate so we didn’t even go there (not to mention a bit frumpy). In a few weeks Laura and I… Read more »

Last night we had our very first studio Champagne & Cupcake “Preview Party”and I have to say it was quite delightful! Things are very lively during an Open Studio so this gave us a moment to pause and enjoy our guests before the weekend. There is something special about cupcakes & champagne on a tuesday night, don’t you think? I still have a lot to do but feel really good about how everything looks on the walls. Our guest artists… Read more »

Hello Friends! I have been in quite a spin preparing for our Spring Open Studio Event! If you have been to one or our special events before you know how much time and effort we put into each one and this year is no exception. We started planning months ago and decided to go with a fiesta theme for Cinco de Mayo. I love this holiday as it conjures up images of good times, music, margarita’s, piñata’s, friendship and just… Read more »

I hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving! I had the most lovely time in NH visiting my family. My niece and nephew are growing up before my eyes and I felt a little sad that I miss so much of their lives living so far away. I guess this just makes every moment I have with them extra special. I also got to spend time with my good friend Michelle who was able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner~what a treat!… Read more »

Dear Tina, I guess it is ME who is behind in my Vision for the week! As you know our Open Studio was this past weekend (TWO whole days filled with friendship & magic-whoo hoo! I will share more soon!) and as soon as it ended it was time to catch up on the mundane chores I had been avoiding around the house and prepare for my trip to San Francisco  where I will delight in seeing our fabulous Goddard… Read more »

Learn more about Laura & Tina’s Vision/ReVision Project A jolly hello to you Sweet T~ I am finally feeling the holiday spirit and thinking of the simple beauty of your branches from your Vision last week.  My friend Sarah cut these GORGEOUS red branches for our Open Studio and I loved the simple beauty of them with the cranberries. (I wish I could remember what kind of shrub they came from~anyone?) I am infused with ideas reading Holiday with Matthew Mead and… Read more »

The FABULOUS Kori Eryn is performing LIVE at our Open Studio this friday night and I cannot get enough of her youtube videos. Thought I would treat you to her gem of a voice. We are SO lucky! Thank you Kori! Enjoy my friends…Laura p.s. Let’s try to spread the word about this amazing lady by sharing this with your friends. The links at the bottom make it easy. Thanks!

Learn more about Laura & Tina’s Vision/ReVision Project. Dear Tina, As you know I have been ridiculously busy preparing for my open studio this week which is enlivening me. I have SO enjoyed working with our guest artists and decorating as well as preparing for all of the wonderful things L2T will have to share. In the process I realized I have been less mindful of the things that ground me and actually allow creative flow into my life.  Nature is… Read more »

Hello Tina & dear friends! Have you ever recreated your artwork into a card or print? I have always enjoyed creating one of a kind cards for the special people in my life and feel warm & giddy inside when I pop one in the mail, wondering how the person will react when they open their mailbox. This is one of the reasons I delight in our postcard project. I started thinking about printing my artwork onto cards and have… Read more »

Our work will be on exhibit at Laura’s Open Studio Event this weekend at Above Elite Studios in Westerly, Connecticut. We have mailed artwork back and forth to one another to prepare for the event.  We will also have prints for sale of this co-created work.  Here is a sample of our most recent work you will see there…. IN ADDITION to this new work, you will also have a chance to see Laura and Tina’s original correspondence postcard art… Read more »

Laura’s Working Table notes: I received a lovely package from Tina with the paintings I started which she collaged with drawings. She also sent along these wonderful wooden boxes for me to cover, along with maps and a few prints of our work. (We are testing out prints for our soon to be open Etsy shop). Today I worked on covering the boxes, preparing them for the artwork which will be mounted on them. It took a lot longer than you may… Read more »

Dear Tina & friends, WIth the hustle and bustle of the holidays and getting everything prepared for our Open Studio Extravaganza last month I realized I never shared the highlights of the magical event. Behind the scenes we were busy months before painting, cleaning, organizing & decorating to create an invitingly warm, festive atmosphere complete with bows, balls, greens and ribbons. We had a fantastic turnout and it was well worth all the hard work. Having the studios open for… Read more »

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