Dear Laura, You are right that this Vision photo you gave me is my color palette.  While you may not be enjoying the cold up there, I do admire the beauty the snow brings.  I miss the quiet of a snowfall.  Somehow those flakes soften the sound that always brought me right to the present time.  I have been thinking about time.  Not in a negative or positive way- just noticing the time passing.  Winter’s bare trees are so beautiful to me… Read more »

Dear Tina & friends, I had so much fun participating in the stitched postcard challenge! Believe me, it was a challenge with the sewing for a non-sewer but always nice to stretch myself! I first created the painting with the “celebration” theme in mind. I was thinking about nature and how I always feel so good being outside. I had brought a bunch of bright, happy flowers from my garden into the studio and was rocking out to the The Zac… Read more »

Dear Tina, You can imagine my surprise when I received this delightful postcard in the mail! I was just as excited as each time I receive mail from YOU! It came from a new friend I met while doing my first artist talk. Remember how nervous I was? Her name is Gail Turgeon and in the postcard she wrote, The Mystic Calligraphers met and made postcards using your art for inspiration. The workshop was entitled, “Postcards with an Edge.” This… Read more »

Read more about this project HERE Vision 3: Home Read our notes about these photos HERE           ReVision 3 Notes, in process photos, and the final ta-da…. Hello Sweet T~ I loved seeing the light in your sea grass. BEAUTIFUL! I have to say for as much as I write, walk and attempt to meditate I don’t think I ever thought about an image that quiets my mind. I do however have a special place I… Read more »

Read more about this collaborative project HERE. Our Vision #2           Tina’s ReVision #2 Dear Laura, Your Vision post had me thinking the past ten days about time spent with good friends.  I believe we are lucky to have a few good friends that will listen to us in this life time.  This listening takes time.  Time to sit with one another and ignore all the emails, to-do lists, work and family obligations, house chores, etc. … Read more »

Last weeks Vision  Learn more about this series HERE         ReVision Dear Laura, I was inspired by what you wrote about  your garden for your Vision and headed out into my garden to see what I could find.  I began thinking about the variety of plants we have added over the years.  We planted a special one for each of our children.  Each one blooms at different times and attracts different insects.  It always feels like home when… Read more »

Receiving something like this in the mail has always been a thrill for us.  This is how our correspondence and collaborative art began back in 2006.  All our work since: the squared postcard, collaborative book, Vision/ReVision, and Two Artists One Surface project have all stemmed from this enjoyment of a gift in our mailbox and connecting over a long distance through creating art.  It is hard to believe sometimes that we have been collaborating for six years. In our recent… Read more »

A jazzy hello Tina & friends~ I have been inspired by LOVE this week and have been creating cards with fanciful hearts on them in lieu of my postcard for the week. I started them on Sunday by painting an abstract watercolor that I then cut up and added to. My intention was to have them all written out and mailed in time for Valentine’s Day (or shortly after) as an expression of caring and gratitude for the people in… Read more »

*Learn more about our Mail art project HERE! Tina’s process for making a postcard for Alyssa Tina’s Working Table Notes:  Looking out of my studio window I watched the oak tree move in the stormy weather.  I captured that through a pencil drawing and collaged that with maps and sewing with orange thread. Tina’s postcard for Alyssa Working Table, Laura Gaffke 2010 Laura’s Working Table Notes: I have been experimenting with stencils in my work. This woman is a reminder to… Read more »

Dear Friends, This is our third week of creating and sending off postcards in the mail. We have really been enjoying this process! Tina’s Working Table Notes:  I started this postcard and then reinvented it as I went along.  What you see in the process photo is very different than what I settled on.  I found some of my Grandmother’s travel journals (I used one page for my first postcard posted HERE) and felt moved to make this one for… Read more »

Hello Friends, This is our second week of shifting our Working Table from a general peek into our studio work to a more refined peek at our Postcard Project.  In these Working Table posts we will be discussing our thinking and processes with materials for creating a postcard.  See our original post HERE. If you would like to be on the list of people to receive an original hand-crafted postcard simply sign up for our newsletter and add in your… Read more »

Our ‘Working Table’ has been an ongoing series of posts that allows you, our readers, to step into our studios and see what and how we are creating our artwork.  We would like to expand this idea and add in our practice of mail art.  Mail Art has history in all of our lives.  Think of the postcard and how anywhere you go on a trip there is always a postcard you can purchase, write a quick note, then send… Read more »

Hello Tina & friends, As you can imagine I am busily preparing for my trip to Italy (in just twelve days, but who’s counting!) as well as finishing work for ACGOW‘s new show, opening September 1st from 5-8:00pm. It promises to be quite a party that I am sad to say I will miss-Can you believe it? The day of the opening I will have just arrived in Italy, giddy thinking about my workshop. What are the chances these two wondrous… Read more »

Dear Tina & friends~ I thought I would share some pictures of you from the Artini night I taught at the Mystic Arts Center on thursday. I taught a basic, expressive acrylic painting lesson, similar to the techniques I will teach in my upcoming Mixed Media class at MAC. There were about 25 lovelies, and I DO mean lovelies who attended! I had an absolute blast meeting new friends and seeing them explode with paint. Many of them had never… Read more »

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