LauraInspirationThe Vision/ReVision project started in 2010 when we began our website.  We designed this project to keep in regular contact about our studio work and it continues today with over 200 pieces of art created.

The “Vision” is a photograph documenting what is inspiring us. The “ReVision” is a mixed media piece of art responding to one another’s Vision.  Laura responds to Tina’s Vision and Tina responds to Laura’s Vision.  Each piece of original art is 5″x7″ and sent through the mail in unique hand-crafted envelopes.

The ReVisions are widely varied because we use this project as a way of experimenting with new materials and methods.  Sometimes they are flops and sometimes we discover something fantastic that feeds into our other artwork.  We don’t always literally use the imagery in one another’s photographs, but will often pick out a color, shape, line, pattern, texture, or work off the concept behind the photograph. For this reason we always post a collage of the work in process in our studios and a written reflection along with the final piece.

This is a story about two artists pushing beyond what is known into that vulnerable place of learning.


These are L2T’s first Vision/ReVision projects.  They started simply with swapping photographs online.

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  1. Tina and Laura,
    Your photos and art work are inspirational. I love to visit your site just to look at the pictures to relax and vision a new world to live in.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts!

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