About Us

Laura Gaffke & Tina Hirsig’s Story

It all started with a humble postcard sent in the mail to one another in 2006. We met during graduate school at Goddard College and wanted to stay in touch in between the on-campus residencies.  What followed was a correspondence project of art exchanged through the mail every week.

This was the beginning of not just a wonderful friendship and support network, but also a creative partnership.  What we discovered was that we were learning from each other as much as we were learning from our professors. We found out that the areas around, between, and within art are just as meaningful as the artwork itself.  Through conversations, written letters, and creating art, we charted a course to better understand creativity, friendship, and being women in the arts.

In our letters you will see us as teachers and students at the same time.  With forty years of combined experience in the classroom as art instructors and graduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Art, our intention is to share what we know about living a creative life while pondering how we can be better stewards of the earth.

Our mission is to share how we have made collaboration work, actions we are taking to be better stewards of the planet, and humble attempts of studying mindfulness.

We are celebrating 10 years of collaboration!

Here are a few pictures through the years and travels together.