“To me, that’s the end always—to live on paper what we’re living in our hearts & heads” – Anita Pollitzer


Jon Kabat Zinn Wherever You Go There You Are (meditation)

Gloria Steinem My Life on the Road  (community action)

  • Tina and Laura’s Notes: PART ONE,   PART TWO


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Podcasts of inspiring people: Seth Godin, Brene Brown, & John Kabat-Zinn

Laura’s Art & Ideas:

Why am I here? The BIG question,      Solitude & gifts from the sea,  Affirmations for 2014,      How flowers help me be a better person,      Silence is my teacher,     Laura’s Favorite Blogs 2013,      “What Is Art? A loaded question, right?

Tina’s Art & Ideas:

Eckhart Tolle influencing Tina’s drawing practice,     Experiments with epoxy resin and molds,     Exploring etching and using found objects in my artwork,    Thoughts on BEAUTYOne way of using antique anatomy textbooks,      Crash Course on Creativity Part 1,     Discard~Cherish exhibition,     Crash Course on Creativity Part 2


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Posts of Interest

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