I am on my way Laura!  I am bringing along the newest and next creation for our Two Artists One Surface Project.  Read HERE and HERE for my previous thoughts on this piece of collaborative art.  Below are some photos of it in process and finished…


I added a Gel Topcoat with UVLS (Golden Gel Medium, Gloss) over the cut strips of antique text pages to give it a different texture than Laura’s green painting.  It needed one more element to pull it all together so I added a pink ribbon of paint along the edges.  I know…pink!  It is my least favorite color, but I have been warming up to it and it fit the tone of the painting. By the way, this panel took one year for a solution! In looking back at our posts, I received this from you last August.  Talk about persistence!

Laura and I have a few more things to add to this T.A.O.S process so look for another post in the next week explaining as well as an announcement about this work.

It is done…..for now.

Here is a peek at the panel I am giving Laura today.  I continued my thinking of the cut pages and colors.  This process is similar to what we did in the COLLABORATIVE BOOK EXCHANGE.  I look forward to seeing what Laura does with this.

I am off to catch my flight now!

See you in a bit Laura,


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