Laura, a picky eater?


Michelle’s famous Tuna Salad

I have always been a picky eater and certainly struggle with in the cooking department so it was shocking to both Michelle and I that I would fall in love with her tuna salad. I ate it every day for lunch while she was here working on our collaborative painting along with some fresh summer fruit & vegetables drizzled in sweet balsamic vinegar from the Mystic Market. (You can refill your bottles there which is great and even save a dollar in the process) I love this recipe so much and wanted to share it with you as I rarely have anything to contribute in the food department and I think you will like it!

Jazzy Tuna for one
  1. one can of tuna I prefer Bumblebee solid white in water (drain the water)
  2. 2 celery sticks chopped
  3. some zucchini
  4. some dill
  5. some pickled ginger ( gari)
  6. 1-2 tablespoons mayo or Vegenaise
  7. mustard of the spicy variety
  8. chopped spinach or lettuces you like
  9. pinch cayenne pepper
  10. splash of lemon
  11. salt and pepper to taste
mix this all together and have with crackers
I enjoy some farm fresh tomato slices, avocado and perhaps some sliced peaches with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar~all so good for you and fresh!
This lunch will leave you feeling clean and healthy!
Love, Laura
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