da B.O.M.B!

“Friendship in Harmony” mixed media ©laura gaffke & michelle dyson 2012

hi ya friends!
You may have wondered what happened to the painting I created  with Michelle a few weeks ago. Well, here it is! We were struggling with a title and didn’t want to share it until we had one. We decided it couldn’t be anything other than “Friendship in Harmony”. That is what it is all about really. Two friends coming together for the common goal of creativity in support of something we are both passionate about~MUSIC, wine, our gardens and the bond of a life long friendship.

This painting has come a long way since our first two hours, hasn’t it?

I know it sounds corny but Michelle & I were in “perfect harmony” when we created this. We worked two long days  building layer upon layer. We decided to put the wine bottles in the painting as we have shared many stories over glasses of wine and reminisced about blissful days back at that cottage. It is amazing after all the Kendall Jackson Chardonnay we drank back then that we even still like it, but it is continues to be our “go to” bottle of choice for summer. Red wine is another story all together!

We talked about how certain things bring back memories and music certainly is one of them. There is nothing like “The Last Days of Disco” soundtrack that can get us grooving or listening to Judy Garland under the stars in front of a campfire… just Michelle and I…one random 4th of July while everyone else is out on a boat ride. I have a lot to say about music and the importance of it in my life which is why “Bring Our Music Back” or BOMB is so important to me (& Michelle & hopefully YOU!)

Here is the mission statement from their website:

“BRING OUR MUSIC BACK, INC. is dedicated to the enrichment of youth experience and education through music in the support of burgeoning musical talent, programs and services in our schools and communities.  Through our music initiatives, Bring Our Music Back, Inc.  fosters the artistic development of youth restoring, nurturing and preserving music as a viable art form both in our schools and communities where funding has been severly cut.   In providing performance opportunities, music mentorships and internships for youth–we are able to give young talent a voice, venue and on stage shared experience with national recording artists and seasoned muscians–potentially a life changing experience.”

My artwork will be on display in the VIP tent during the concerts and a portion of the sales will go directly to support BOMB. I asked Michelle to create this special painting with me in honor of this advocacy. We had no idea how it would turn out but trusted that we would be in sync and love it when it was finished, which we do! At the bottom of the painting we used vintage sheet music to the song “Young at Heart” to pay tribute to this sentiment. The concerts at Harkness Park include The Temptations, The Legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Don McLean and the Legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

My parents came down yesterday especially for The Temptations who are playing TONIGHT! We sat on my back deck last night listening to “the oldies” and the many songs my parents picked out to play. It was a delight to reminisce an think about growing up with so many of these artists. If you get a chance GO to one of these events! I know you would love it. I have the fondest memories of last years concert with my friends Maria & Kathy. We packed a delightful picnic complete with vino & my personal favorite, fresh tomatoes from Maria’s garden. Would love it if you could share this post and help spread the word about this great concert series.

See you under the stars….love Laura

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3 thoughts on “da B.O.M.B!

  1. Yeah!!! its here and Looks amazing, I am thrilled to have been a part of something so dear to our hearts and hope that it is a brilliant night for all!
    Love and Kendall always

  2. Wonderful collaboration!

    The slightly uneven white space ( window sil ?) at the bottom totally grounds everything in such a beautiful way :)

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