blissful beach day…

©laura gaffke 2012 “blissful beach day…” mixed media, 6 x 6 inches *original SOLD, print available

Dear Tina & friends~

Remember my teaser from the other day? Well, now that MAC99 is over I can share the whole painting with you. I really loved all the layers in this painting and how the beach balls and cabanas emerged as I painted. I have been inspired by the summer sunshine, time on the water and beachy, summer songs. Presently I have been going a little crazy for the Zac Brown Band and Kenny Chesney. Although they are country singers you can feel the summer vibe and perhaps a little Jimmy Buffett influence going on with songs like summertime toes”  & “coastal“. Although I don’t sail I included a sailboat because I love seeing the sailboats on the water and watching the way they move with the waves and the wind.

Can you spot my painting?

Here are some of the 99 paintings that were donated by the many talented artists. I was proud to be among them and loved seeing how unique each one was. Millie’s awesome painting was hung just below mine. I loved it! How serendipitous that we would be placed right next to each other! We have both been busy this summer and hadn’t seen each other much so meeting up with her that night was all the more fun!

What a crowd!

The Mystic Arts Center does an amazing job of transforming the gallery and this year was no exception. It was all done in black, white and turquoise, inspired by the vespa they were auctioning off. SO FUN! I wish I had better pictures to share but I took them all on my iPhone and even though my husband has shown me how to steady the thing I still find myself with camera shakes and really bad pictures. I guess I just need to take more!

The Arts Center transformed for the night. I love a nice chandelier!

I think everyone was anxiously awaiting their number to be called to see if the painting they had spied would be theirs!

*artist currently unknown but I am working on finding out

I had many favorites at the show including the one above. (I presently don’t know the artist who created it as the names of all the artists were hidden on the back of the paintings so if you happen to know who created it and could let me know so I can give them credit, I would really appreciate it! Just leave me a message in the comments) I just love it! It remedied me  Glenda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz saying to Dorothy, “you have always had the power“, meaning you always know what to do. It is just a matter of trusting and believing it. Trusting my intuition is something I strive for but isn’t always easy! It is only when I make time to be still and “listen” that I can do this. I truly believe it is essential to our well being to carve out a little time for this. My favorite places to just “be” and “listen” are long walks at Bluff Point State Park, morning writing, sketching, time in my garden or even just turning the radio off when I drive to the studio. It always sets the right tone to my day and fills me with inspiration. Hope you have a moment to yourself today and that your week starts off with all things positive!

love, Laura

p.s. ONLY 5 more days until TINA ARRIVES!!!! but who’s counting?


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2 thoughts on “blissful beach day…

  1. Dear Laura and Tina,

    It was a fantastic night for art! The gallery was indeed transformed and the attendees were in high spirits. It was really fun to catch up (even if just for a little while) with some of the folks that I had not seen all summer (especially Miss L). I also loved the “Click” painting and bought a ticket in the hopes that I could take it home as a gift for my daughter. It did not work out for me but the painting that I was able to choose was of some lovely red poppies.

    It was very exciting having a ticket to win in my hands. The potential for choosing a piece by an artist that I wanted to add to my little collection was endless but when my number was called ALL of my favorites (including Laura’s piece) were gone :(. I can’t lie and say that this did not make me sad. Once I made my choice and flipped the painting over…I was surprised (Laura knows how surprised I was)!

    What I learned from the experience is that MY reasons for choosing the art that will hang on my wall have a lot to do with how much I know and love the artist. I always thought (or wanted to believe) that the artwork would speak for itself but in reality (at least for me) it is not only how I connect with the piece but how I connect with the artist. Had I chosen a piece by an artist that was unknown to me, I would’ve loved to find out more about them.

    What do you think about this? How do you decide on the artwork that you collect? I would love to know.


  2. Hi Millie~
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts perspective on the event! It was a fun night for sure! I had my fingers crossed that you would get the painting of your choice. They were all really wonderful so I guess you couldn’t go wrong, right? I would have liked knowing that YOU had my painting though!

    As for your question about how I decide what artwork to collect…I honestly wish I had an endless supply of funds to help support the many artists whose work I love! If money were no option I think I would have to say that I have fallen in love with some artists from reading their blogs, meeting them in person and talking with them about their art as well as just seeing something that just totally grabs me where I want to know more. At MAC99 it was fun to recognize artists by their style but there were paintings that I couldn’t guess who the artist was and loved as well.

    I wonder how many people buy art just because the artist is well known? Does it make a difference? I would be curious to know what others think as well. (feel free to share if you have thoughts on this)

    At any rate, I guess you were meant to get the piece that you were meant to have. Who knows, maybe it will become apparent to you later why. By the way, your dream was quite interesting!

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