“topless” on an island

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Hello Sweet T & friends!

We have been having quite a heat wave here in CT which I have been loving for the most part. The ever present “hula girl” in me thrives in the sunshine and has been rocking out to Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown band in the studio and sometimes with one of my husband’s famous margarita’s in hand at home! I have to admit that although I love my studio it may be a bit TOO hot sometimes as the building is too old for air conditioning. You may remember that it resides above a dry cleaners and I lovingly call it my “studio sweatshop”.  I find myself working early in the morning and returning home to the cool air conditioning of my house. It has actually been a good thing because it has allowed me to carve out some much needed catch up time for things like this blog, new updates for my Etsy shop, time for editing, planning for classes, submissions,etc… I still have a lot I wish to share but I am getting there.

Our own little private spot on the island. You can see a hint of our blanket on the left. We were in awe by this piece of driftwood. It was HUGE!

Brett & I had a magical weekend on Block Island for our Anniversary. This man knows how to woo me that’s for sure!  He rented an awesome green jeep (owning one has been a dream of mine since junior high school) for us and we toured the island “topless”, finding tucked away beaches, fantastic restaurants and much needed relaxation. We were both mesmerized by this special place.

We found this outlandish cow car, complete with a cow bell on our way to The Oar restaurant in search of one of their famous mudslides.

They were PERFECT for such a hot day!  You may remember the  last time I was there thinking it would be fun to paint an oar with Tina.

view from the Oar’s outdoor bar


a little taste of heaven…aaaaahhhhh

Block Island is very moped and biker friendly. I thought this sign was a fun reminder to be aware of those around you.

Well, that is all the goodness for today. Goddess Michelle is coming down for a visit this weekend and I am giddy just thinking about it!  We are creating a special collaborative painting for the Bring Our Music Back concert series that will be held at Harkness Park in August. This painting, along with more of my work  will be on display and for sale in the VIP tent the nights of the concerts. We are planning to work BIG so I am sure we will be working our butts off to finish it. I can’t wait to see what creativity spills out of us!

goddess michelle & I

In addition to this we are hoping to finish a painting project we had started during Michelle’s last visit. We transformed my faded adirondack chairs into something really fun! They just ended up taking FOREVER as we needed so many coats of paint and have had to deal with the heat.

my faded red chair

If you  have been following me on Facebook I know I have left you in suspense! We are SO close to being done and I can’t wait for the “big reveal”! Here is a sneak peek at four of the yummy colors.

yummy paint colors

Ironically the colors in the chairs resemble my painting above. Stay tuned for our progress!

much love,







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  1. Glad you had a good time last weekend! I would love to check out “The Oar” sometime. Enjoy your time with Michelle and I will look forward to what you two create collaboratively! Tina

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