Happy Hour anyone?

Happy Hour, 12 x 12 inches, acrylic

original sold * print available

Dear Tina & friends!

What a better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a little time with friends? I can imagine Tina here sitting on my back deck sharing a good conversation and a nice glass of wine (okay Tina, it can be a good micro brew for you). After all, time with family and friends is what truly matters in this world. Creating space for this is so important and easy to overlook. It is something I try to make a priority.


Staying in touch.

Letting people know you care.

It can be easy to lose site of these things, especially when I feel like I am consumed trying to make a go of this creative life as an artist. There is so much to learn, especially on the business side of things which has been a huge learning curve for me. My mind piroettes with an endless list of things do, to learn, to know, to create, classes to take, things to teach, shows to enter, things to plan for, etc..etc…and on it goes, twirling in my head until I almost drive myself nuts trying to figure out how I can fit it all in. Can you relate to this? Please know I am not complaining. I am one grateful girl, filled to the brim with heaps of gratitude, blessed to be doing what I love. I just don’t know how to do it all and do it all well. I think this is why so many of my paintings become little pauses in this chaos and celebrations of the good things in life. At the end of the day, this is all that really matters, isn’t it?

May you find your own “Happy Hour” and relish your day!



p.s. I am looking for a good sangria recipe for our Open Studio Fiesta! Please let me know if you have one you may be willing to share with me in the comments below or email me at laura.gaffke@yahoo.com. Thank you!


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One thought on “Happy Hour anyone?

  1. Yes, a good craft beer would be my style Laura. I also agree that life can sweep you away if you don’t make a choice to push all the ‘work’ aside (which is hard to do as an artist because we are always stirring on some ideas even when we are not in the studio). I have a bit of a break from my wild schedule of the semester this May and I am really looking forward to more creative time and more Happy Hours! Tina

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