First “shot” at Photography!

©laura gaffke

Hello Sweet T & friends!

Soooooo I had my second photography class last night which came with the first “critique” of my work. Last week we were asked to take pictures in several kinds of light. I must say I really had to think for this assignment as there is so much to learn about my camera settings! Although my pictures are far from perfect I wanted to share them with you as you are always so supportive (thank you for that).

Here they are:

magnolia ©laura gaffke
white daffodil ©laura gaffke
backlit daffodil ©laura gaffke

Yesterday I posted “backlit” daffodil on my Facebook Art page and asked what people thought of my lighting. I knew “daffodils in window” (below) would be better for the assignment but there was something about the above picture that appealed to me. I am just curious which one you prefer?

daffodils in window

At any rate, I am getting some nice pictures that just might weave their way into some of my new paintings. I feel a time crunch balancing my time in the studio with teaching, upcoming deadlines and now my new photography learning endeavor. Only 3 1/2 more weeks until my Open Studio~yikes! I will have many new things to share with you and hope you will come out for the festivities. I have also been busy painting away for my upcoming SOLO show at Studio M in June! That’s right, I will be featured in this magical downtown Mystic gallery this summer! (just a little giddy!) More details to come but you can expect to see some new work I am creating especially for this show. I feel truly blessed and am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces so please consider saving these special dates!


p.s. Any feedback you wish to give me on my photos would be greatly appreciated!


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4 thoughts on “First “shot” at Photography!

  1. I really like the composition and the use of the S-curve in the first image. It really brings your eye through the image. It does need some adjustment with levels and a boost in the contrast, though. I did this in Photoshop and I’ll send you the result so you can see what I mean.

    Great start! :-)

  2. Caron, Thank you SO much for stopping by! I appreciate your feedback on this and did receive your tips via email. I do have Photoshop but haven’t really done much with it. I love what you did! I will have to do a little experimenting with what you showed me. This particular picture was for my assignment of “in the shade” but I guess I needed to adjust my ISO from what I am told. All of this seems like another language to me! I will keep at it though! How are you? I love hearing from my Goddard friends! Cheery Smiles your way…xoLaura

  3. These are great for your first “shot” – just keep creating images that speak to you, and they will speak to others, too! Congrats on the start of an exciting journey!

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