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building up layers in collaborative painting with Michelle

Dear Tina~
Isn’t it interesting how having guests, no matter how good of friends, allows you to see the world with fresh eyes? You learn things you hadn’t realized before~things like cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread tastes delicious with peanut butter and honey, that not all honey is created equal, how to poach fish in the most delicious and healthy sauce, that cupcakes and wine are a fantastic way to watch the Oscars and that a gloss gel medium creates wonderful depth within your paintings.

tiny little hint 1

As you know my good friend and goddess sisterMichelle was here for the weekend. I know you have never met her but can appreciate the ease of a life -long friend and kindred spirit. She is the kind of friend I find in you, the kind of friend that will love you no matter what, that has seen you at your best and at your worst, that tells you like it really is and gives you permission to be yourself. This is the kind of friendship you and I share and one I value more than anything.

tiny little hint 2

Michelle & I met as undergrads (both majoring in education like you & I) and have maintained a wonderful friendship all of these years. We have shared a studio together (back when I lived in NH) and are life long learners. I have so many memories and could not have been happier having her at the studio this past weekend. It was the first time we had ever done a collaborative painting and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I had to allow myself to have no expectations and trust my intuition and “the process” just like we did at Goddard. What evolved was pure MAGIC~the kind of magic and ease that happens when we get together and made me miss you so very much!

"found poem" in the works~LOVE!

I learned a lot from Michelle and am happy to say that she agreed to be a guest blogger and share her thoughts about our time together. You can look forward to more “in process” photos of our mixed media painting as well as insight from Michelle soon. Can’t wait! Until then I am sending you ease to your week as I know you are always out straight!


p.s. I think it is time for a studio visit~don’t you think?

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