Are you challenged by color?

Hello Friends!

There is so much brewing with Tina & I that I don’t even know where to start! One decision we have made for 2012 is to explore COLOR together. Tina is teaching a Color Theory class and as you probably know from seeing my work, color is very important to me.   SOOOOoooo we have decided to expand what we know and try this color challenge, designed by Louise, for 2012.  It has always been interesting to me how different our use of color is and how we weave that into our collaborative work. I tend to like a vibrant colors while Tina’s work is often earthy and more subdued. Ever since graduate school, we have always been intrigued by how our work can often be parallel in thinking but very different with how we handle our color and materials.

The flickr pool from last year’s challenge is quite diverse and intriguing I must say. We missed the first month which was tangerine. Ironically my inspiration board was filled with tangerine and turquoise two colors I am in love with right now.

Laura's Inspiration Board in her studio


Louise has designed this project so you can join at any time during the year, or maybe even for just a few months.  That is the kind of flexibility we always appreciate!


Here is February’s color challenge and notes from Louise’s blog:

February Color Challenge


  • Create something using these vibrant colors with a combination of any of the additional shown above. (you can also include white or black in your creation)
  • The colors don’t need to be 100% exact – the codes/numbers are listed for guidance and if you decide to create using a computer, you can grab these codes.
  • EXTRA TWIST: Add some extra texture into your creation by using something to print with or simply re-creating a favorite texture (such as a wood grain, leaf print or anything else that comes to mind)
  • Share it in the flickr group here
  • Pop back here on the 28th where I will share mine. I will then invite you all to post a link to your work or blog post about it all and visit everyone who participated.


Let us know if you join in.  We will be publishing our results this coming week.



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