ReVision 89

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Vision’s for the week:

Vision 89, Tina
Vision 89, Laura

ReVisions for the week:

Laura's ReVision 89

Dear Tina,

I remember that day we laid out all of those squares. It seems like yesterday and yet another lifetime ago. I decided to share this picture taken of us at our Goddard Graduation. We were so alive with wonder and giddy with all we had accomplished. I know for certain that my life would not be the same without having met you.

I am REALLY PUMPED to work on our squares again! When I look back now at those squares I see how they always kept me thinking and exploring the world, inviting risks with my work, knowing you would never judge them and could see the “process”. It was something we did just for us as we tried to decipher our world. I am very excited about revisiting this endeavor with you and seeing the possibility of it all. At the end of the day I think we are always questioning, “What are we learning?” and “How are we growing?” both as artists and as beings in this world wanting to make it a better place for all. Don’t you think?


ReVision 89, Tina

Dear Laura,

“Timing is everything” as the old cliche says.  This ran through my head when I saw your photo of the lilies.  I see opportunities come and go (some with regret, some with relief, some with the joy of ‘I can’t believe that just happened to me’).  It is hard to make sense of it all on most days.  I just hope to be there fully in mind and body when those opportunities present themselves.  Maybe that is all we can control- showing up.

I took this photo at Caw Caw Nature Center, which is one of  my favorite places in Charleston.  My camera was actually cooperating and took a decent photo. This is also exactly the color palette I use in my own artwork.  Do you think our eye with the camera (how we make decisions to frame shots) is dictated by our individual color aesthetic?



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