We ARE the people our parents warned us about!

The people our parents warned us about!

This pretty much sums up how I spent my holiday! Click on the tunes and dream a little with me…

Dear Tina & friends~

Happy Happy New YEAR to you!!! The beginning of each new year always fills me up inside. I get overwhelmed thinking of the possibility that it brings. My mind has been racing so much that I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights. It’s like I have this “excitement buzz” going on.

I have seriously been “unplugged” both mentally and physically from social media of any kind for the past week and half. After having a wonderful New England Christmas with my family in New Hampshire Brett & I set sail for the Caribbean to meet up with his mom & stepfather. They gave us the most generous gift of their time, relaxation, adventure and wonderment all rolled up on one “little” ship holding over 4,0000 people! I am still in awe of how this boat floats!

Our ship, "Freedom of the Seas"


"Christmas Island"

Not having access to the internet literally forced me to be away from my “normal” life in all ways imaginable. I think this may be why people enjoy cruising so much. There is no escape from listening to your hearts desire, whether that be relaxing and indulging in a massage, poolside cocktails, passes through the casino, catching a show in the huge theatre, meeting new friends, visiting the amazing islands of Labadee, Grande Cayman, Jamaica & Cozumel, excursions to exotic places or having indulgent dinners and thoughtful conversations. It was wonderful to give my mind a rest from my everyday life.

Brett & I on our balcony ready for dinner. Not often I can get my husband to wear a tie!
The food was not only delicious it was artfully displayed!
Shocking that we all would be at the bar!
Our favorite bartender, Sergio. Remind you of anyone? I wish we had caught a picture of him with his infectious smile!
Our other favorite bartender, Chris

We had a lovely cabin with a deck overlooking the ocean, room service every morning, cocktails every day (a few days even before noon! hey, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” right?). I must admit to having “morning margaritas” at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville before our excursion to stingray city on Grand Cayman! In fact, I convinced Brett take me to Margaritaville in Jamaica and Cozumel! We probably would have hit Labadee too had there been one. The margarita’s were delightful at each port! “What would Jimmy Buffett do,” right?

Ahhhh bliss!

My heart is filled and grateful for having two very different but special Christmas’s. All gifts and indulgences aside what matters the most to me and always will is the gift of time spent with the people I love. Wishing you all the most magical new year! Lot’s of love your way….Laura

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