One Little Word 2012

Dear Friends,

Ali Edwards has developed a simple project that we would like to hop on board and ride.  It is called “One Little Word”. She has been doing this project and actively engaging her readers since 2007.  As quoted from her website:

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. From my own personal experience, it can be a catalyst for enriching your life.

Last year Tina’s word was ‘steadfast’ and Laura’s was ‘mindfully aware’.

Below are our thoughts & “one little WORD” for  2012.

Dear Tina,

I really thought my WORD for 2012 was going to be LISTEN but as I started to journal more (which I had not been making the time for lately by the way) I realized that in order to truly listen I need to make room in my life and clear the mental and physical clutter that holds me back and keeps my mind weighed down. Alyson Stanfield calls these things “tolerations”, meaning anything that holds you back and keeps you from moving forward.

I have so many unfinished projects around my house as well as belongings that no longer serve me which are cluttering up my life. This is the year to release them! My hope is that by doing this I create room for new things to come into my life. What I visualize is a thriving art business, abundance, joy, time with family and friends as well as an inspired home. If you haven’t guessed it yet, my WORD for this year is ORGANIZE. I plan to share my progress with you and hopefully we can all inspire each other. Here is to a FABULOSO start of the new year!

love, Laura

Dear Laura,

Last year  I did stay true to my ‘steadfast’ word.  I remained steadfast with my convictions in my art practice, trained, tried-out, and made the roller derby team, continued honing my teaching practice at the college level, and consistently held my children and spouse as my primary priority through a busy year of work.

This year, my little word is HEALTH.  Now that I am training my body on a regular basis as an active skater on the Lowcountry Highrollers team (I just made the Allstar team) by skating competitively four times a week, weight training and cross training, I have recently realized that my body needs a different nutrition plan for fuel.  I am researching and changing my whole diet.  Actually, in a recent visit with my doctor, she advised me to look at the South Beach Diet for it’s nutritional guide.  She said it is one of the few diet plans that have been researched and proven for cardiovascular and overall long-term health (even Weight Watchers follows this diet). By including better nutrition I hope to build muscle, endurance, and energy.

I also see this word guiding me in my emotional, spiritual, and creative health as well.  I have worked out how HEALTH will factor into my physical body this year, but will continue pondering and revisiting these other aspects as the year progresses.


(aka TNTina when I skate)

My first bout December 2011

We encourage you too to go over to Ali’s website, read about the little word project, and leave your very own little word in her comment section.  If you did so and want to share it with us too, we would like to hear it.


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3 thoughts on “One Little Word 2012

  1. Tina!
    I LOVE seeing this picture of you as an “official A TEAM DERBY GIRL”!!! You ROCK and ALWAYS continue to inspire me!!! Here is to a great new year! xoL

  2. Laura & Tina:
    First, I have to tell you that I am in love with the feathers in both of your pics on this post. You know how much I love horses and feathers! Laura … did you paint the eucalyptus in the vase? I’ve never seen any that lovely shade of light taupe.

    Thank you both, once again, for the inspiration. One of my intentions for 2012 is simplifying, culling that visual clutter that impedes forward motion and focusing on two specific subjects for my art this year. So this word challenge will have me write it out, as you both have, and, hopefully, keep me true to my intentions. Like Laura, last year, however, I feel I need two words which for me are …. Organized Focus.

    Congratulations, Tina, on becoming a roller derby queen! Laura’s right. You rock, and with skates, also roll!
    Creative blessings … Carol

  3. Loved seeing all the intentions on “One Little Word”.
    Last year my word was “Balance”. Trying so hard to get there it ended up more like a battle with myself than finding balance. This year I’ve chosen the word “Harmony” with the intention of moving towards balance in a kinder way. Allowing the ups, downs, and busy times their rightful place and giving myself time to breath and then move forward again. Like both of you and Carol, I too will write this down and place it where it will be an often seen reminder.
    Great Derby name Tina – have fun!

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