A Year In Review

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As Laura and I talked on the phone yesterday we began a conversation about all that we have accomplished for 2011 as well as thoughts about moving forward for 2012.

©laura gaffke

I am always glad that there is vacation time at the end of the year because it allows for this type of reflection when otherwise I probably would be caught in my daily to-dos, work obligations, and family life.   Honestly, I have not made enough room lately for much reflection given my incredible overload of work over the past five months.  I have been a bit absent on the blog because I have been giving my teaching practice a lot of effort to gain experience at the college level.  This past semester I taught four undergraduate Drawing I classes and one Graphic Design.  One of my main goals for 2012 is to find a permanent teaching job, but more on that later.   I DO really miss this work with Laura and yesterday we talked about how to redirect our work so that we both can make the blog a seamless part of what we do as artists rather than another thing on the to-do list.

©laura gaffke

One main thing we noticed about our break from our collaborative work over the past few months was an increased attention to our own studio practice.  Laura’s paintings have become very strong in composition, layering, color palette, and voice.  Yep- voice.  She has really honed her ‘voice’ as an artist in what she is communicating to her audience.  Check out her brand new WEBSITE because she is really articulating her practice well there.   I have been deepening my drawing practice in a way I have not in previous years.  The last four years I have been focusing on my mixed-media sculpture practice through extensive research (I based my graduate studies on this work), attending artist workshops (Keith LoBue was my favorite), and exploring various methods of assemblage, image transfers, and construction with wood boxes.  This past year I felt an urge to go back to the basics of drawing and see where that might take me.  Really, drawing is all I had time for so it was a practical decision too.  I have developed a series of about twelve new pieces that I feel pretty good about. I created many more, but these are actually passing my expectations of what is worthy of being seen by the public (makes you wonder about all the rejected works in all the artist studios out there).  I will have these twelve photographed in January and share then.

©laura gaffke

If you are still with me after that long reflection, I want to summarize (brag) 2011 for Laura Two Tina……

  • Radio interview with Cassie Premo Steele (which ended up being the most listened to interview for the past two years of her show)
  • Vision/ReVision #62-88
  • Numerous Working Tables for both of us
  • Laura’s extensive exhibition at the end of 2011
  • Tina’s extensive teaching at the college level
  • New collaborative L2T on paper (more on this in 2012)
  • Completion of 4 T.A.O.S. and 2 started
  • Numerous postcards sent to one another & our readers through the mail
  • Laura’s open studios (Spring and Winter)
  • Tina’s series of posts on mother/artist (annual)
  • Laura’s first outdoor exhibition
  • Laura’s defining trip to California to experience Flora Bowley’s workshop and visit with good friend Marlene
  • Adding Creative Commons to our blog
  • Artful Blogging Magazine – winter of ’11 issue (six page spread on our work)
  • L2T’s Etsy shop open and active
  • Laura’s Etsy shop
  • Laura’s visit to see Tina in Charleston SC in January
  • Tina gaining gallery representation in Greenville, SC

After the new year begins we will write a post about our wishes for 2012.  We both decided to dream and write a bit over our holiday vacation.  Most likely we will have another one of our epic phone conversations to make plans for the new year, so come back after January 1 to read all about it.   In the meantime, we both wish you a warm and happy holiday.


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