Studio Collaboration (Charleston)


Laura and Tina are presently in Charleston working on a collaborative piece of art (actually 12 pieces) together in Tina’s studio.  Our intention is to bring our two studio practices together this weekend for an art-o-rama experience.  For the past three years we have only done this through the mail and can’t wait to see our work, ideas, imagery and techniques merge together in this immediate way. Together we will trust our intuition and let the process of creating guide us to new learning and growth. Walk with us down this path through photographs and snippets of thought but stay tuned for our written reflection when the project is complete.

Laura in the process of gluing maps on each piece
Laura in the process of gluing maps on each piece
very yummy lunch provides by Tina
very yummy lunch provides by Tina
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2 thoughts on “Studio Collaboration (Charleston)

  1. I hope you’ll add Rob Goldman’s new book, “Shooting From The Heart” on your Recommended Books. It will be published very soon.

  2. Hi Bea! Just have him let me know when I have the green light. Did the book change much from the earlier draft I read?

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