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Vision 88


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ReVision 88

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Laura's ReVision 88

Dear Tina~

Your Vision 88 reminded me of one of the last boat rides Brett & I took before we put the little boat away. The way the light found it’s way through the clouds was really spectacular! It makes me miss those hot summer days! Luckily we have been having some mild weather here in New England.



Dear Laura,

You have met my mischievious dog, El Segundo.  He was very annoyed that I woke him from his tenth nap to take this photo.  You can see it in his ears.  He puts up with us as much as we put up with him.  His latest antic was to steal a whole box of Wheat Chex, drag it into the back yard through his dog door and scarf it down.  The chex  got clumped together on the roof of his mouth (probably because he was eating it so fast so he would not get caught) which he couldn’t get off the roof of his mouth so continued to howl and stick his paws in his mouth.  I could write a book about his thievery.  You can see it in his eyes that he is plotting his next food theft. This is more of a mug shot than a loving pet photo.


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3 thoughts on “ReVision 88

  1. Good Morning Ladies!
    Loved this post, especially the chronicles of El Segundo!!! Laughed my butt off because of how you wrote it, Tina. It goes with the mug shot. There’s a writer in you, I am sure. In fact, this poise reminded me of Scrat in Ice Age who I ADORE! I can see the two of them on adventures that would make wonderfully entertaining and laughable medicine for the soul.

    Or maybe a book … The Misadventures of El Segundo: The Delinquent Dog and His Squirrelly Side-Kick Scrat. I love it when my brain becomes fecund with creativity first thing in the morning. Thanks for the catalyst!

    Have a lovely and pleasant-though-filled day.
    Hugs … Carol

  2. Tina, I like Carol was totally cracking up reading this! You and El Segundo are VERY funny! oxL

  3. Oh Carol, I have so many other stories of The Misadventures of El Segundo and his food thievery. A pumpkin pie from the counter to licking off a palette of oil paints (which required the syrup of ipecac) to a dead fish along the Charles River in Boston. He was a puppy at the time with the fish and he joyfully ran away from us shaking that fish over his head. We could not catch that little bugger. He is a lot easier to catch now that he is 13! He is a trip. He came real close to dying this summer and I am glad, despite his quarks, he is still with us.

    Glad to hear from you. Have a happy holiday!

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