ReVision 13

ReVision 13 (Laura)
ReVision 13 Laura

Hi Tina~

I chose the elegance of this single leaf to contrast the complexity of the many blades of grass in your image from this weeks Vision. The changes we see in each of our surroundings are often subtle and go by without much notice. Fall in New England is the exception with it’s magical show of color that screams to be noticed. I am always reminded of change, growth and rebirth this time of year, pausing to reflect on where I am, where I have been and goals for the future. xoL

ReVision 13 Tina
ReVision 13 Tina

Dear Laura,

This week I am responding to your Vision photograph with a photograph of my own.  Your panorama photo of Squam Lake reminded me of our experience a few weeks ago at Santee Lake here in South Carolina.  It is always these wide open spaces that make me feel calm.  I think this is why I always watch clouds.  Whenever I am feeling anxious about a particular situation I always have the clouds and open spaces to remind me of the bigger picture- that life is more than just this moment in time.  I wonder if when you were standing there you felt this same feeling of calm.


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