MY how my work has changed…REALLY?

Laura's working table 10/6/2011

I have to say I am a little in love with the new mixed media pieces I have been working on…

Probably since July I have been working on a complete website makeover (super pumped about this!). I am finding it VERY time consuming yet addictive and gratifying. It is a creative process all it’s own and an ongoing learning curve for me with technology. I have enjoyed not only “freshening it up” but looking back at my work with a critical eye, editing and making good choices about how I wish to represent myself and share my  current work. It has been fun to see where I have been and how much I have grown in the past few years. You can expect to see a more streamlined look, a lot of new paintings, a press page (I have press now!) and a few other surprises! It interests me how my color palette has exploded over the past few years, yet I continue to be preoccupied with the same themes and artistic intention~ joyful moments and paying attention to the simple beauty that surrounds me.

I am currently working on a series of six mixed media collages for the Hygienic Gallery’s “Art=Gift” show. The shows opening reception is the evening of Saturday, November 19th and runs through December 24th and you can consider yourself invited!

Here are three of the six mixed media pieces:

©Laura Gaffke, "Colorful Pear I", mixed media, 6 x 6 inches 2011
©Laura Gaffke, "Colorful Pear II", mixed media, 6 x 6 inches 2011
©Laura Gaffke, "Colorful Pear III", mixed media, 6 x 6 inches 2011

I started them by spending a few days painting old book pages with rich and funky patterns (of course there are plenty of tiny polka dots~ some things never change). I honestly had a hard time cutting up my papers as I loved them so much just on their own.

Laura's painted book pages

The papers were then used in the collages.

My inspiration came from looking back on the older work as I revamped my website. I painted “Conversation” (the painting below) some time ago. It was a transitional painting for me, painted at a time when I was struggling between a more traditional, representational style of painting and finding my own “voice” for my work.

©Laura Gaffke "Conversation" watercolor, 12" x 14"

I look back on this painting now and see where the “roots” of my landscape painting background took hold. For the first time I trusted myself and allowed the painting to be a bit more abstract.  As it turns out the print of this painting is one the most popular prints in my shopThis gives me the courage to follow my intuition and TRUST myself with the work I really want/need to create hoping that if I stay true to this that it will be well received in the world (fingers crossed!). These new pear collages are a reflection of my continuous experimentation with materials and showcase the playfulness of life I wish to share with you.

paintings on easels
side view of painting

Each painting was created on a deep set wood panel. I painted the sides of each one and hand stamped old script on top of that to give a little unexpected interest, texture and reflect a sense of nostalgia.

I have three more I just finished that I can’t wait to photograph and share with you! Which one is your favorite? I would love to know…xoLaura

p.s. Stay tuned for my NEW WEBSITE SOON~ WHooo Hooo! Can’t wait!!!

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7 thoughts on “MY how my work has changed…REALLY?

  1. WOW these look really beautiful!! I am loving the gorgeous colors…they just pop! I can’t wait for your new website to be up! Have a merry happy week and love to you!

  2. Laura- These are really lovely. I would agree about your color palette changing over the years. I do think it is more in line with your intentions in the work (those intentions have remained consistent which is note worthy). Color theory and the emotions that stem from one single color is certainly a rich field of exploration. There is so much I do not know about color! To boldly use the colors you do is something I admire. I can’t wait to see the new website. I had that same feeling when I revamped mine. It is like rearranging a room, cleaning house, or weeding the garden….taking out what is no longer applicable to your life and adding more of what is.

  3. Rhonda,
    Thank you so much! You just made my day! I am curious as to which of the pears is your favorite? I had a lot of fun making them. Hope to stay in touch.
    Cheery Smiles your way… Laura

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