Vision 88: Happy Halloween?!?!?

Laura's Vision 88

Dear Friends~ Tina & I have been a little behind in our Vision/ReVision posts. I thought I would “trick” you by posting this. It somehow got overlooked on Halloween and I am a big fan of the holiday so I am posting it anyway as I feel most holidays are too rushed.

Happy Belated Halloween & Happy Thanksgiving as well!

We are GRATEFUL for your kindness and support today and ALWAYS!

Dear Tina,


I don’t know if you know how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN?!?!? but I DO! I took this picture of Skye, my sweet little girl perched where she shouldn’t be on one of our tables. I thought she looked ghoulish with the ghosts behind her…whOOOoooaaaa haaa haaa! Don’t be scared! xoLaura

p.s. I altered this using the camera bag app~fun!


Tina Vision 88

Dear Laura,

This photograph was taken by my son Olin.  We were at the beach as the sun was setting.  I like the suggestion of the horizon line at the bottom of the photo with the subtle colors of the day ending.  There is something about the Fall that always seems to have amazing sunsets.


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