YOU are loved…

Laura's Working Table: Sept. 2011

Hello Sweet friends~

It has been a brilliant morning and one I am feeling UNBELIEVABLY grateful for. The sun is shining, I was greeted by a spectacular iridescent dragonfly while savoring my early morning coffee on my back deck. Lately these little moments have meant the world to me since I am usually in a swirl of  “what’s next on the to do list”. I have been feeling a little out of sorts and decided to pack up my journal, pencils and paints and headed to Bluff Point for a hike and a little painting. I used to do this at least a few days a week and although I walk there regularly I have found myself in my studio more than outdoors and started to wonder why. I think I had been feeling like I needed more of a routine and that if I was in my studio it would seem more like a “real job” since I had to drive to get there. I quickly dismissed that notion as I know these moments are what feed my practice and are essential to my growth.

I knew exactly where I was heading, the private little beach I found when I started exploring the park. I like to think of it as “my beach” as I am usually the only one there. I was greeted by the quiet waves of the ocean lapping at the shore along with their magical gifts from afar. This is where I am most connected…this peaceful place where I hear the rustle of the sea grass and the chatter of the birds…Today I was met with a little note held down with beach stones sitting on a large tree trunk that had washed into shore. It read, “I am a recovering anorexic. These were the 5 most difficult words in my life to write”. I was immediately filled up with emotion for this unknown soul as I was expecting a happy note like the ones I have left here in the past. This little piece of paper reminded me that you never really know what people are struggling with in their life. This includes both family, friends and strangers. Today I will look at everyone I encounter with compassion and LOVE. I painted a simple message on that note which I will leave all of you with today,


pass it on….xoLaura

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2 thoughts on “YOU are loved…

  1. Miss Laura …
    You are one of the sweetest, kindest, most introspective persons I have ever encountered and I’m so pleased to have met you. The response you put on the anonymous note saying “You are loved.” shows how loving YOU are! Thank you for continually sharing your brightness with those of us who tune into it. The world would be a better place focusing on what’s right with it, it’s beauty than what most focus on. You help some of us keep on a course that continually steers towards the light instead of the darkness.
    I do believe you are an angel.

    Love and hugs … Carol

  2. Carol~
    Although I am far from an angel I love the sentiment! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, let’s all try to steer towards the light! xoLaura

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