ReVision 12

Squam sculpture
ReVision 12 Laura (click to enlarge)

Dear Tina~ I just got back from Squam Art Workshops in NH. This is a sculpture I found in the woods from one of the students in a workshop called, “Sticks & Stones”  taught by the amazing artist Christopher Frost  There were many sculptures in the woods and it was hard to pick just one. I was reminded of the unexpectedness and creativeness of Andy Goldsworthy. It makes me want to watch the wonderful film of his work, “Rivers and Tides” we both watched when we were at Goddard. Cheers love! Laura

ReVision 12 Tina
ReVision 12 Tina

Dear Laura,

Your Vision 12 picture had me thinking about this tension between people and nature.  It always seems like a game of dominance-who can win over the other.  Maybe there is no “other”, but we are all one and the same (this reminds me of Gary Snyder’s book of poetry titled No Nature…one of the many books I got while at Goddard and didn’t read but now seems relevant).  I created this image to look like an out of control bramble of leaves and sticks, yet still has the perfectly straight lines of the stilts in the distance to reflect this tension.  Onward to another week of thoughts with our next Vision…..


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