ReVision 81


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Laura & Tina’s Vision 81

Vision 81
Vision 81


Tina and Laura’s ReVision 81:

Laura's ReVision 81

Dear Tina~

The irresistible aquamarine water pictured in your Vision this week reminded me of this wall. I was with Marlene in San Francisco when we came across it and I just fell in love with the vibrant color and found objects hung all over it. This is a cropped version of the larger wall. It made me think of how you and I often blend my love of color with your love of old, found objects. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a BIG assemblage someday balancing these elements? It would be a fun challenge for sure! xoLaura

ReVision 81 Tina

Dear Laura,

OK, let me just say that I REALLY like your ReVision today. Will you email me that image?  I want to print it out and keep it in my studio for inspiration.  Today’s ReVision photo comes from The Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina.  I made a trip up there Wednesday to drop off my artwork to Matthew Campbell.  He is just opening a new gallery and I am thrilled to join the talented group of artists he will be featuring.  The GRAND OPENING for his gallery is tomorrow so check him out on facebook or his website when you have a minute.  Anyway, I was really impressed with Greenville.  It was not only beautiful but seemed to be thriving.  The downtown was bustling with people speaking many different languages, new businesses being erected, and numerous shops/restaurants/galleries.  When I was walking down Main Street I could feel the energy of the place as very positive.  I can’t wait to go back and explore a bit further. This photo comes from a gorgeous park they developed along the river.  Check it out HERE.  Greenville is a great model of development that can inspire us and not just be functional.   There were gardens all along the paths and I snapped this photo thinking of your Vision of the lavender.

Enjoy the weekend!



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