Working Table: New Collaboration (Tina)

Dear Friends,

In the past we have created posts titled “Working Table”.  Read more about what this is HERE (original post January 24, 2009!). Today’s working table is documenting a new project.

As usual, we will be starting a piece of art and swapping it in the mail.  This time we will be working on paper and using our gardens for inspiration.  We talk often about what is growing in our different climates and thought we would see what would happen if we made work directly about this subject.  It is our intention to continue our visual conversation much like our other work.

This new collaboration will be sold for a very reasonable price in our ETSY shop.  It is our goal to get Tina up to Connecticut to work with Laura in person, but we need some financial support to make this happen.  We have money in the bank already from previous sales, but need just a bit more.

On my working table today I have been playing with sepia toned drawing ink.  I thought I would create contour and gesture lines of my hydrangea with the ink so that Laura may work her color magic when she gets them in the mail.  She has free reign to do whatever she wants with this work so keep in touch here at the blog because you might not recognize this once it has arrived in Connecticut and brought to completion.

An artist I was inspired by while creating these drawings was Julie Mehretu.  Browsing the books at the library I happen to find hers and brought it home to study.  Her use of line and composition is what I am interested in.  Below are the drawings I will be sending you in the mail tomorrow.  I am looking forward to seeing what you do with these Laura.


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