New T.A.O.S.

Dear Laura,

I received your newest panel of artwork in the mail!

T.A.O.S number four

For those of you out there reading this you can catch up on our T.A.O.S. project HERE.  This piece is timely with my garden.  It is so extremely hot now that the garden slumps into a green/brown phase.  I was just talking with my husband about trying to add some color during this month and was wondering what plant actually blooms happily this time of year.  At any rate I will pull ideas from my green garden to add to your piece of art.  I will post my progress as I go along in the next few weeks.


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3 thoughts on “New T.A.O.S.

  1. Hi ya Sweet T!
    I am glad you are feeling inspired! Remember last week when I said I had a photo to go with this, well I forgot to include it but will send it along for you to use, or not use in this piece. SO FUN to see this arrive! xoLaura

  2. Hi Laura and Tina,

    I just listened to your interview on the Co-creating show with Cassie Premo Steele and just wanted to say it was friendly, sweet and inspiring! It’s so nice to hear the optimistic spirit in your voices!! Too bad about the Langworthy Farm cancellation….it’s not far from our beach house!! Best wishes to both of you on your future collaborative creations!!!!!


  3. Beth~
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! It means the world to us as you never really know “who’s listening”! We love when people join our “conversation” here.

    Yes, it was a bummer about the winery but it just means there are doors open for other things~this weekend it will be boating instead~ha! Hope you are enjoying the summer and have been able to spend lots of time at the beach! Laura

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