A New Year Begins

As the last day of summer slipped away yesterday I am reminded of a favorite phrase I once heard from another Mom: “the days are long and the years are short”.

My boys return to school today bright with anticipation of a fresh start to the new year.  The first day is always full of this optimism and joy at getting new books, wearing brand new shoes, hearing what they will learn about this year, and most importantly seeing their friends again.  As the week progresses the work load they are expected to carry will set in and they will not have the optimism that they have today.  Isn’t that true for all of us though? Starting something new is always exciting because the reality of it has yet to be lived.  I created this altered photo as a tribute to a great summer spent together.  I know these moments are fleeting with my boys and want to enjoy every single minute with them.


Fishing in Michigan, Summer 2011

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One thought on “A New Year Begins

  1. T~ I love this picture! You are such an inspiration! Yes, I do think that is true of starting something new. Every new project I start with you or a new class I am teaching brings such optimism and life to my days. Even just getting my hair cut or highlighted makes me feel refreshed and new so, yes change and starting new things do this for me as well. xoL

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