Mary Heilmann; An Inspiration

Dear Laura,

I have been doing some research on artists I would like to share with my Drawing I students at the College of Charleston this semester and came across Mary Heilmann on the Art 21 website.  She has many insightful comments throughout the video about her art practice but one struck a chord with me.  She said that in graduate school she realized her work was about “communicating and having a conversation through the work”.   This certainly sounds like our experience at Goddard College when we were there, right?  This is also an essential piece of the work we do together.  It is why we humbly started to send one another artwork through the mail six years ago.

Another point she made was about titling her artwork.  This process is one I have been thinking greatly about lately.  Mary said that her titles are “three word poems” that relate to what was going on in her life while creating the work.  She keeps an active journal and pulled ideas from that often.  This is a similar process I used recently with many of my latest sculptures.  How do you title your works Laura?  I know when I am viewing an art exhibition that I look to the titles for hints on the artist’s intentions.

I hope you all enjoy what Mary has to say here~ Tina

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One thought on “Mary Heilmann; An Inspiration

  1. Hey T~
    I loved the trailer and will listen to the full thing in the studio this week and get back to you. I LOVE the Art 21 series!! xoLaura

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