ReVision 11

ReVision 11 (Laura)
ReVision 11 (Laura)

Dear Tina~

I loved the beautiful live oak tree from your last post. It got me thinking about the energy of the trees and how connected I feel to everything when I allow myself to be an observer of nature. I have just started to see the first sign of the leaves changing to bright crimson and warm yellows. This brings crisp evenings, vibrant zinnias in full bloom, the monarch butterflies and a growing sense of closure to the end to the beautiful summer. Living in New England I am very aware of how the trees keep their own sense of time and never tire of this natural “clock.” One thing is for sure, I will be outside as much as possible, enjoying the magical artistry of nature. How much do the trees change throughout the season in the south? xoLaura

ReVision 11 Tina
ReVision 11 Tina

Dear Laura,

I made this bracelet out of metal washers, yarn, a spring, and a plastic thingy.  I was overwhelmed with all the blocks of “recycled” objects from your Vision 11 picture and thought I would try to make something wearable from what I had in my garage.  I am not sure I like it yet, but it was my first attempt at using found objects in jewelry (like one of my fav. artists Keith LoBue).  Maybe there are other solutions to all the stuff I accumulate instead of throwing it in the trash.  Another inspiring week with you Laura!


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  1. Hi Tina,
    I am a friend of Laura’s from Deerfield Community College and I saw the bracelet you made from recycled treasures and I think it is an awesome idea. I am forever looking at items before I throw them away knowing that eventually I will come up with a use for them. What a wonderful idea, jewelry reborn from supposed junk!

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