The LUCKIEST girl!

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what you did to deserve such good friends and family in your life? Well, that is how I feel right now as I write this. This past weekend was SO incredibly WONDER~FULL I can’t even stand it! Brett & I were surrounded by good friends all weekend, some dropping in for a brief visit and some like Michelle, Jesse & “Haley the wonder dog” who were staying with us for the weekend. I was reminded how special it is to be surrounded by people you can just be yourself with ~ even if they don’t completely appreciate your Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett addiction~ ha! We had a leisurely weekend, took the boat to the beach, made yummy food, indulged in fun cocktails, listened to an eclectic mix of music, sat by our new fire pit (pictures coming soon!), gazed at the blaze of candles and outdoor twinkly lights, took a hot tub, relaxed, read, and just enjoyed each others company. What could be better?

The weekend was FULL of JOY and LAUGHTER! Two of my favorite surprises were Brett unexpectedly bringing home several bouquets of flowers which I made into little arrangements and spread all over the house. He also enlisted the help of our friend Jesse to create THE BEST fireworks display right in our own backyard! It was PERFECT!!! They were SO GOOD! I didn’t expect so many or “the real kind”! I sat by the fire, looking around me feeling overwhelmingly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I want to thank everyone for making the weekend such a delight!

Flowers from Brett. I especially LOVE the color of the gerbera daisies!


The first of many...
wish I had a tripod set up to capture the splendor better....
Too slow to catch the great colors, but you can imagine, right?
I just loved the ones that looked like sparklers!

What are your favorite moments with friends?




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2 thoughts on “The LUCKIEST girl!

  1. Hi Laura, Glad to hear you had a good time with your friends this weekend. For the fourth, we headed out to Folly Beach for a picnic dinner with friends. We watched the moon rise while the boys played in the surf and made sand castles. What great memories they are making growing up here. I hope they remember the sparklers on the beach (which were hard to light with the breeze), the giant hole they dug in the sand which eventually filled with the incoming tide, hours playing in the ocean waves, and the fireworks over the ocean to top it off. This is a tradition we have had for several years and will be one to keep for many to come.

  2. Hey T~
    Thanks for sharing that beautiful memory! I have such fond memories of going to y aunt and uncle’s place on the lake with my cousins growing up! I am sure they will hold these times dear when they are older. xoLaura

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