Vision 79

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Laura's Vision 79

Dear Tina,

I took this picture at the Maine Botanical Garden. Isn’t he cute? There were several of these sculptures nestled into the landscape of the gardens. I love discovering something unexpected and artistic in a garden. There is always that fine line between tacky and artistic though, don’t you think? xoLaura


Vision 79 Tina

Dear Laura,

On a recent trip with my family to Asheville North Carolina we found some shops unlike any I have seen.  This one was for Gourmet Potato Chips.  Another shop sold only Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.  How do these places exist and survive I wondered.  More power to them if they can swing it!  My favorite place was the Thirsty Monk~ what an amazing Belgium and craft beer menu.  A must-stop if you are going through this town and enjoy craft beer.


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