A new way to think about CREATIVITY

I have been a long admirer of Elizabeth Gilbert and really appreciated her perspective on creative genius. How many of you have had this experience? Such a juicy topic for conversation! Hope to start one…Laura

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2 thoughts on “A new way to think about CREATIVITY

  1. Enjoyed listening to the talk. Interesting perspective about the basis of creativity. I always felt blessed to be artistic. I saw how some people had to work really hard at art to produce anything at all and I could just let it flow. That’s my gift and the best thing I can do is consider it just that, a gift and not take it for granted. I’m getting older and becoming more focused and as I look at my life plan, I see that I need to readjust the schedule for more art making. Right now is the time for me to be making the best art of my life! Now when I get ideas I write them down, that way they are there when I do have time to start making art. The lecture talked a lot about fear. If you want to find a way out of fear you have to squash it and believe in yourself otherwise it will swallow you up. I know all about fear, unfortunately! My mom would say take it one step at a time, figure out what point a is and what point b is and work your way there, even if it takes more steps than you thought.I think sometimes the plans don’t work out because we are trying to leap from point a to b without any steps in between!

  2. Mara, Thank you SO much for starting this conversation and stopping in on our blog! I love how you wrote, “That’s my gift and the best thing I can do is consider it just that, a gift and not take it for granted.” I think all too often people don’t recognize or utilize their gifts and you certainly are a remarkable artist. I SO admire your vision and drive! Yes, fear can really do a number on anyone and it is something most of us have to work though, especially as artists.

    I liked your suggestion of writing ideas down. I too have learned to write my ideas down. There have been too many times where I had a great idea which I didn’t act on right away and couldn’t think of later. I remember seeing an interview with Michael Jackson who said something to the affect of needing to act on his ideas or else God would give them to Prince. Isn’t that the truth! Thanks again for the “conversation”.
    p.s. your mom had good advice!

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