ReVision 78

Visions for the week:

Vision 78 Tina
Laura's Vision 78


ReVisions for the week:


Laura's ReVision 78

Dear Tina~

I loved seeing your Crepe Myrtle tree in your Vision this week. How CRAZY is that?!?!? The only thing I know of similar to the Myrtle is the birch tree I posted in Vision 24. It would be a perfect ReVision to yours I think, but I have already used it! SOOOooooo this moss came to mind. I saw it while on Monhegan Island and thought it was such a crazy color! I LOVE IT! It is more additive than subtractive than the bark but makes me curious as to why it is orange and what causes it to grow. Does anyone out there know? If so, please fill me in! Happy weekend to you and our friends!

love, Laura

p.s. YOU are ADORABLE Tina!

ReVision 78 Tina

Dear Laura,

Your photo reminded me of the peonies my mom grows in her garden (you would love her garden Laura).  In this photo, taken around 1980, I am standing with my best friend Jane in front of her peony plant (not yet bloomed).  Their blooms would get so heavy they would hang over and touch the ground.  I remember the smell distinctly as it filled the house.  Every year I looked forward to those flowers blooming.  I am not sure we can grow those around here in the South.  I am going to guess not since I have never seen one since moving here.  As you spoke in an earlier blog post about flowers and gardens conjuring up nostalgia, this is true for peonies and me.   It reminds me of childhood and my Mom.

Hugs, Tina

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