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Laura’s Vision 78

Dear Tina~

The abundantly fragrant scent of these peonies greeted me as I made my morning coffee. They were picked fresh from my sweet cousin Suzy’s garden on Saturday. She traveled down from Plymouth, MA to go to the “Garden’s By the Sea” tour with me and our friend Sue this past weekend. The Stonington Garden Club hosts this tour every three years and the three of us had fond memories of the last tour together. The weather held out and it turned out to be a brilliant day, filled with inspiration, friendship and flowers. Today I am overwhelmingly filled with gratitude and love for those in my life!

Love, Laura

Vision 78 Tina

Dear Laura,

It is that time of year in the South when the Crape Myrtle trees shed their bark to reveal the tender cinnamon tone underneath.  These trees shed their bark just before blooming. It peels off in long strips very much like crepe paper. But the name comes from the flower whose petals appear like crepe paper. I had never seen anything like this before moving here and collected many of these bark pieces.  I have since incorporated them into my sculpture work.  You can view this sculpture work at my newly designed website HERE.   I am still working on adding photos of my work but the basics of the website are complete.

Happy Summer Solstice!  Enjoy the longest day of sunshine for the year.



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  1. Tina, it is so great seeing all the new photos of your work! They came out so wonderful and really do the work justice although there is nothing like seeing them in person! BTW, I love the new design of your website. Makes me think I need to get crack a lackin’ on mine! Laura

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