ReVision 10

ReVision 10
ReVision 10 Laura 9-4-09

Sweet T~ I could not believe how similar our Visions for the week were! It made me want to answer my own question of “What lies beyond?” but instead your sculpture photo inspired me to go to go to a local park in Westerly. I found two sculptures in the park that I merged together. They were both dedications. The woman was dedicated to the Wilcox Park and the soldier whose hat you see hidden in the back was dedicated in 1923 to the soldiers who fought in the war. It reminded me of how much the past and present merge and what we learn along the way.


ReVision 10 Tina  9-4-09
ReVision 10 Tina 9-4-09

Dear Laura-  In thinking about “what lies beyond”, I was brought back to one of the first art works I made in graduate school.  I was attempting to express my ideas about what lies beyond the obvious and the mysterious connections between one another.  Looking back on this time and artwork created,  I now see that I am still making work that expresses this idea.  My current series of work addresses what lies beyond our standardized measurement of learning.  What lies beyond the obvious (the spirit you might say) is what we do not have words for, therefore can not be quantified into real data (which our world is starting to rely on way too much).  I feel this negates the extremely important characteristic to what makes us human….that we love, feel, and appreciate the mysterious beauty that is right in front of us every day.  We may not understand what lies beyond what we see, but we feel it.  Seeking these moments of clarity, and savoring them when they come upon us, is perhaps what we are all essentially striving for.


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