Enthralling Encaustics


Artist, Robin Luciano Beaty: She is having an Open studio THIS weekend!

I have been in love with Robin Luciano Beaty’s work since I first saw it at the Three Graces Gallery in NH many years ago. I remember the day, I had just picked up the beautiful wedding band Brett had made for me from Kaya (It was the year I was getting married!!! Can you believe that was almost 5 years ago?!?!?) and popped into the gallery for a moment to to escape the torrential downpour in Portsmouth that day. I have always admired the gallery owners eye for unique artwork and handmade creations. Robin’s work was no different. Her paintings are wonderfully calming, layered, and rich with texture. She is an encaustic painter which is a media I have been wanting to explore more ever since I took a workshop many years ago with Tracy Spadafora and LOVED it! Thinking back, this was probably where I first began to fall in love with mixed media. I know I will explore encaustic painting more in the future but for now I can’t put down my paint! I will leave you with my latest painting called, “expansion”. I have been thinking a lot about growth and what I am learning today about friendship, love and art.

Happy day! love, laura

Laura Gaffke “Expansion” acrylic 5 x 5 inches ©the artist


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2 thoughts on “Enthralling Encaustics

  1. Thank you, thank you, Miss Laura for sharing Robin’s work! I am totally an instant fan of hers …. can see why you fell in love with her work 5 years ago. WOW! I am going to see her work in person one day, it’s on my MUST list! And, I love your continual exploration in your art and love of your paint! You continue to be an inspiration for looking for all the beauty in life and being grateful.

  2. Thank you Carol! Yes, it would be great for you to see her work in person. I always think seeing artwork in person is so much richer than in a picture.
    Thanks for stopping in!

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