Inspiration or Neglect?

Laura Gaffke, "Summer Inspiration" I just created this new inspiration board. These yummy colors are inspiring some of my new work.

Hello Friends,

Whew! Where did the week go? It went by in a flash for me, that is for sure! I have been teaching, gallery sitting, going to art openings, working out a plan for a jazzy new fire pit at our our house and happily soaking up the days in my studio. I have six new paintings in the works and believe it or not, some of them are BIG! Working on multiple paintings has really freed me up in ways I hadn’t expected. I have been doing a lot of thinking, sketching, dreaming and writing since my workshop with Flora and will share some of my thoughts with you once I have processed it all, as well as my new work.

On another note, it may seem like Tina and I have been neglecting you but we really haven’t, honest! We have just been drifting with the ebb and flow of our lives as artists. Although we haven’t been sharing as much as usual, we both continue to diligently maintain our individual and collaborative studio practice. In addition to this we both have been teaching as well. There are times when planning new courses and teaching becomes part of this artistic practice. This is where we both are right now, immersed in our teaching schedules. We will return to our ongoing postcard project, TAOS and regular working table posts when things ease up a bit and wanted to let you know why we weren’t sharing as much lately. Our Vision/ReVision project will continue weekly and we will certainly be popping in to let you know what we are up to. Thanks for following along on our journey!

Sending sunshine, fireflies and good times your way…Laura (& Tina)

p.s. I just found out my article comes out on TOMORROW morning!!!! I am SOOO EXCITED!!! Let me know if you see it!



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