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View out of my “bungalow” retreat. SO beautiful!

Hello dear friends~

Traveling heightens my senses on so many levels. I become aware of both the similarities and differences of my surroundings and always relate that back to what I know, which is my home in New England. Because my art work is often inspired by nature I am particularly aware of what is happening in my garden as the seasons change. When I traveling I tend to look at what is blooming around me and am particularly delighted when I find things I haven’t seen before like GIANT succulents and trees that I have no name for.

Arriving in San Francisco filled me with giddy anticipation for what was I was to do and see. I soaked in the newness of it all from the first moment I arrived. As you know I was visiting my good friend Marlene. I met Marlene in grad school (just like Tina) and we taught together at Holderness. She had always talked about her beautiful Oakland garden and how special it was, but I had no idea just how gorgeous it would be until I got there. EVERYTHING was a feast for the eye! I was especially impressed with her roses, as I no nothing about growing roses myself. There were SO many gorgeous shades of soft yellow, pinks and lavender! To say I was enchanted is an understatement. I was enthralled!  I was treated to the “guest house” which used to be Marlene’s studio. It the cutest little bungalow overlooking the garden through two sets of doors and light filled windows. Aaahh, I can still smell the sweet scent of jasmine tickling my nose in the morning…

Marlene had made prayer flags for her open studio in her garden (how cool would that be to have an open studio garden party?!?!?)


They even have a hot tub tucked away among bamboo and flowers in this magical garden! (side view of house)
These roses smelled SOOOO delicious!
You never know what you may find in Marlene's garden...
A place to pause...
I am now addicted to smoothies which I had the luxury of having in this magical garden to start my day!


Henry keeping me company while I was visiting! He went for hikes with us and followed me around the house. I just LOVE this dog!
Hospitality: note the Andy Goldsworthy book and gorgeous flowers Marlene put out to brighten my "bungalow" oasis and make me feel at home~she thought of EVERYTHING!

I had such a good time in California and want to thank Marlene (& Elana too!) for giving me such a warm welcome and making me feel right at home! You guys are THE BEST! I have many more adventures to share with you including a peek into Marlene’s groovy studio at the HIVE! More soon…xoLaura

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