Vision 76

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Laura’s Vision 76

Dear Tina~

I had such a hard time choosing what image to share for my Vision this week as I was inspired on so many levels from my trip to California. My senses were alive to my new environment and I felt especially sensitive to the colors, textures and blue skies. One of my favorite experiences was hiking through the redwood forests in Oakland by Marlene’s home. Marlene had told me how special she found it, but I had no idea how much I would feel the presence and history of these trees. They are SO TALL and their scent is intoxicating! As I took it all in I tried to memorize and savor the rich scent on our walks. Tina, I know how much you love trees and thought you would appreciate these TWO majestic lovelies!


p.s. Just for fun, I thought I would share this picture of me becoming an official “tree hugger”! (that is Henry, Marlene’s dog hamming it up with me~he is SO sweet!) Marlene said I had to find a tree that spoke to me and I have to admit I did feel the LOVE! Have any of you ever hugged a tree?

Laura feeling the love from a redwood tree!

Tina's Vision 76

Dear Laura,

Isn’t the lighting in this odd, crazy, and amazing?  We spent some time this past weekend camping, fishing, and shooting bb guns at the Boy Scout camp on Wadmalaw Island with the boys.  As the sun was setting I looked over and noticed this.  The Bohicket River was the color of ink while the trees and marsh looked like it had a spotlight on it.  It was one of those moments when you looked around and wondered if the sky was falling or something like that.   I remember these moments in the Mid-West growing up when the sky turned green and knowing there was a dangerous storm or tornado to follow.  No worries- we did not have one speck of dangerous storms that day.  Just a good ol’ time.




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