ReVision 75

Our Visions for the week:

Tina's Vision 75
Laura's Vision 75


Our ReVision for the week:

Laura's ReVision 75

Dear Tina,

Thank you for the blue skies! Here is ONE example of the amazing California blue sky. This was taken from the rooftop restaurant Nepenthe at BIG SUR! It was an amazingly beautiful day. Marlene and I hiked in the woods and went down to the beach and ended our day here with a glass of wine. It was such a special day and one I won’t ever forget!


ReVision 75 Tina

Dear Laura,

In thinking about your optimism you noted in the Vision 75 post, I decided to take a picture of the sunrise. It is usually at sunrise where I can feel the optimism you spoke of.  I thought I would just point the camera at the sun and see what the camera would decide to do with it on the ‘auto’ mode.  This blurry result seems to describe where I am at presently.  At the moment I feel unsure about my future professionally.  Maybe I will always feel this way as an artist and teacher that schedules work semester by semester and exhibits work at the mercy of others decisions (application and jury processes).  I wouldn’t say I am optimistic (I am too much of a realist), but I would say I feel that I am on the right path.   I may not know where I am going, but I know where I am headed.  This is the phrase I seem to be saying a lot lately.  This photo seemed to represent just that.

I am glad you arrived safely back from California and I look forward to your photos and thoughts of your trip.


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One thought on “ReVision 75

  1. Tina,

    This was so beautifully stated. As creative professionals (or for me…at least trying to be creative and a professional *wink*wink*). I am constantly struggling with my inner voice…not the one that says that I am on the right path, but the one that says that I should be happy where I am. I fight with this voice (constantly fight with this voice) because it is the one that would be easier to listen to. It would be easier to get a paying job as a graphic designer (I am a good designer), it would be easier to be an active PTO mom (as it is I fit volunteer time in whenever I can), it would be easier to paint just for the sake of painting and making gifts (you don’t face rejection when you paint for these reasons), it would be easier to be at home where I am needed and appreciated for the effort that I put in. But in reality, I have chosen to believe that I have something to say that will eventually reveal itself. Something to learn that I can only learn through the effort of trying and sometimes (most times) being rejected. Maybe the lesson is that I SHOULD be happy where I am but that the JOURNEY was well worth the effort.

    I think that like a sunrise, we are at a crossroads, a moment of transition where the light is magical and where the shapes are uncertain but eventually all will be revealed.

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