Vision 75

Vision 75

Dear Tina,

I guess it is ME who is behind in my Vision for the week! As you know our Open Studio was this past weekend (TWO whole days filled with friendship & magic-whoo hoo! I will share more soon!) and as soon as it ended it was time to catch up on the mundane chores I had been avoiding around the house and prepare for my trip to San Francisco  where I will delight in seeing our fabulous Goddard friend, Magical Marlene. I have been feeling SO GOOD about this trip, filled to the brim with the anticipation of visiting a place I have never been and seeing Marlene.

When I captured the light in this picture I knew it would be my Vision for the week as it represents for me a sign of good things to come. It also is a reminder to follow my own inner light. I planned my trip in conjunction with a workshop I will be attending with Flora Bowley. Being surrounded by so many talented artists can be intimidating,  yet right now I don’t feel that for some reason. I feels like I am right where I am supposed to be, with like-minded, creative, spirits. Tons to share I am sure so stay tuned for more on our adventures. Until then…xoLaura


Tina's Vision

Dear Laura,

Wishing you blue skies as you travel to and from California!



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2 thoughts on “Vision 75

  1. Dear Laura and HI TINA!

    Laura…YOU are exactly where you are supposed to be…you are ONE of those many talented artists with much to share. I was listening to an old podcast by Marisa Haedike (and you know how much of an effort that is for me) but it was very timely. As we get bogged down in the every day chores we neglected while trying to enliven our careers, it is easy to forget that a whole world exists beyond the studio walls. A world full of creativity, beauty and light. Marisa spoke of how “taking time to change the scenery for a day can recharge you…when you are in your life…it’s easy to lose sight of that bigger picture and what is really important.” Perhaps through travel and a much deserved change of scenery you will come back with a world marked by great conversations, loads of paint and brilliant color to share. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and in the meantime, I will do my best to take little moments (walking Allie, looking out my window or just enjoying a quiet car ride down the beach) to recharge and broaden my world. Much love and light your way Lovely Laura!

  2. Thank you Millie for this!
    You are too funny! I think you are going to warm up to Marisa’s many words of wisdom. She speaks from her heart and her words usually hit me just when I need to hear them. (Isn’t it funny how words can do that?) I am glad they did for you as well. I am also glad you are able to savor the seemingly small but important moments in your busy life. I hope to have many adventures to share with you upon my return from Cali and can’t wait to catch up on yours! Your words of encouragement mean the world to me and SO appreciate you taking the time to write this!
    Love ya! L

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