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Vision 74 Tina
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ReVisions for the week:

Dear Tina,

Yes, indeed this week was a bit crazy for me, yet I am delighted to say the Open Studio turned out to be a wonderful event! I think they keep getting better and better! Everything was well organized, we had a stupendous group of artists, fabulous live music, artist demos and as if that wasn’t enough, I had the privilege of being visited by some unexpected friends and family who traveled quite far to come. I could not be more grateful! (and will share more soon) In the meantime, reflecting on your question, ‘What is coming with ease?’ I realized stopping to “be” in nature was what calmed me and put me at ease. I got up extra early each day this week to either go for a walk or do some form of exercise. My workouts weren’t as long as I would have liked but I was proud of myself for fitting them in as they usually fall to the wayside during a busy week like this. I saw this little bird on one of my walks as I stopped to admire Spring finally unfolding. Admiring him was easy…xoLaura

ReVision 74 Tina

Dear Laura,

I apologize for the delay in posting this, but the last few days have been unusually busy with field trips, sports, birthday parties and then we traveled down to Beaufort SC to see the Air Show (I always like a good air show:) I think it is realistic for those who keep blogs running to expect that sometimes life just sweeps us away from the computer (as it should-I am always trying to figure out how to spend less time on the computer and more time outside).

You had asked what “grounds me” and lately it has been drawing outside.  In our upcoming newsletter I will talk a bit more in detail about this, but typically I will ride my bike around my neighborhood until I find a location that seems quiet, usually has some sort of interesting tree, and the light is just right. This photo was taken of my supplies I brought along one particular day: chalk pastels, compressed charcoal, pen, vine charcoal, pencils, and erasers.  The one thing I didn’t expect by doing this practice is that people want to come over and see what I am drawing.  This can be a bit nerve wrecking if I don’t feel like the drawing is going well.    This is challenging me in a different way than I expected because it feels a bit like a performance (performance is not my thing).  I still really enjoy being out there though.  All of my senses are engaged.  I pay attention to what I am hearing, smelling, feeling, and seeing.  I suppose the performance aspect of it will just be something I will get used to.  When I am finished with the drawing I do truly feel grounded.  All things that where bothering me before I went outside fall into their proper perspective and I leave knowing that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing at this particular time.


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One thought on “ReVision 74

  1. Sunny Morn’ to you Laura & Tina!
    As always, enjoyed reading your blog posting. After being inside on Friday and Saturday at the Open Studio (a real success for sure, Laura) I spent most all of Sunday outside where I, also, feel most grounded and connected. It was a delicious day and I actually wore shorts and a sleeveless top. Spiffed up the three shutters I have painted and leaning up against the trees in our wooded backyard to add a dash of color, especially important in the middle of summer when the woods are saturated in green.

    The little bird you saw on your walk, Laura, is a Mockingbird. They are so entertaining. They usually like to perch high on top of a tree or telephone pole and showcase they repertoire of songs imitating all the other birds in an ongoing string, seemingly without taking a breath – the Chatty Cathy of the avian world.

    Have a delightful day and enjoy finding the treasures of simple abundance waiting to be discoverd.
    Hugs – Carol

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