Two Artists: One Surface #2 complete

Dear Laura and Friends,

Today I finally completed it.  This is number two of our T.A.O.S. project. The picture above is of the before and after.  You sent it to me in the mail weeks ago and it sat in my studio while I thought about how to resolve it.  This process is sometimes quick and other times it takes awhile.  I had a resolution on the third T.A.O.S. artwork you sent me (which I will write about later) in a few short days.  I am not sure why, but this one had me thinking for a long time.  I did a post on this when I was about half way done~ read that HERE if you would like.  What got me thinking was your letter.  For those of you who are not so familiar with this project, we not only create a partially complete piece of art for one another, we also write one another letters about our process (inspiration, materials used, life, etc).  You said in your letter that the dragonfly is a consistent symbol in your artwork. It may not always be there but always reappears given time (in life and in your art).  I started thinking about the dragonflies I see here in South Carolina.  We have so many and in so many different colors, sizes and shapes.  I am sure that there is some sort of scientific documentation on this, but for my purposes I stuck with the dragonfly as a symbol.  I use chalk pastel for the cropped white wings and added a touch of red and orange circles to unify the composition.  The green color is handmade paper I bought.   Here is a picture in process….

and a close up of it finished….

and it completed….

Thanks Laura for always challenging me with color.  I am learning a lot about it just by working with you.  I am learning how to push my color forward, hold it back when needed, and how to generally make a very colorful palette work.

I am looking forward to number three of our T.A.O.S. project.


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