ReVision 9

wine by the river
ReVision 9 Laura 8-29-09

Tina, I cannot tell you how many times I say to myself, “Why don’t you go sit on the back porch of the shed and watch the sunset? The view is great, you have your cute red adirondack chairs just fading away,  the swans are often softly floating in the river and beautiful to watch and this would be such a peaceful end to the day.”  After reading your vision this week I was inspired to finally take a moment to do just what I described. I opened a delicious bottle of wine, (right now I am loving the 2007 Wingnut~yum!) poured myself a glass and headed down to the river to quietly reflect on my day. My sweetie joined me when he got home, making me savor the moment even more. Sometimes we need a reminder to take this time for ourselves and I wanted to thank you for reminding me of that. Hope you have been able to find this time each night for yourself. xoLaura

ReVision 9 8-28-09
ReVision 9 Tina 8-28-09

Dear Laura,

This week’s ReVision is subtle.  I was thinking about your comments about friendship and how we can become more genuine in the presence of people who care about us.   I was also thinking about the two of us, as we maintain a deep friendship over many miles.  We see each other twice a year, but have made a commitment to one another to always be present through  listening over the phone, email, or through our artwork created together.  This really is a choice, and I am glad we have made it .  I am a better person having met you.  I superimposed a map of Charleston, SC and a map of Groton, CT (for each of our locations) onto your image of the two flowers as a reflection of our committment to friendship even at a long distance.  My hope is that we all have at least one good friend to share this life with….and to thank them for that!  Thank you Laura.

love, Tina

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One thought on “ReVision 9

  1. Tina,
    When I think about how we met at Goddard, I cannot believe three years have gone by. I was such a different person just starting grad school. I have grown and stretched in new ways during this time largely due to our conversations. Both our similarities and differences ignite passion, exploration and a commitment for growth. You are right, nurturing friendship is a choice and one that I am glad we have made. THANK YOU for always being there for me and appreciating who I really am.

    Much love, Laura

    p.s. note the subscribe button at the top of the blog. I FINALLY got that figured out!

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