Banner (part 2) a little intro. to who we are…

Dear Reader,

This post is written by Laura and Tina today.  We wanted to introduce you to our new “banner”- that picture at the top of the blog introduces who we are.  We have had many versions since starting this blog and this one, we now know, is a keeper.  We still would like some freedom with the fonts and colors of this blog, but the templates in WordPress are pretty rigid.  We suppose we could learn some code and whip up a blog like no other out there, but we would rather be in our studios creating art.  So… the image above tells you a little about us.  The inclusion of the day lily flower is intentional as it is a flower we both nurture and adore in our gardens.  It is the one flower that grows in both of our different climates along the east coast.  The vintage postcard (given to Tina by her antique dealer parents) was included to clue viewers into our mail correspondance.  This correspondance, started almost three years ago,  was the beginning of this wonderful artist collaborative, which we are now sharing with the world here in this blog.  The image of the funny women on the left side is one of the first images created for our Vision/ReVision project.  This image not only makes us smile, but also notes a beginning to a more enriched art practice together.   We have been enjoying writing, reflecting, and sharing our work with everyone and would love to hear what you think.

Tina and Laura

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