ReVision 71

Vision’s for the week:

Vision 71 Tina
Laura's Vision 71


ReVision’s for the week:

Laura's ReVision 71

Dear Tina,

You are right, I LOVED your Vision this week! How fun was that?!?!? Nature surely does inspire. I found my mind wandering back to Italy. Those Italians sure know a thing or two about presentation! All of the food we had while we were there was amazingly displayed and just as delicious as it looked. It was an art in itself so I thought I would share the very first meal Millie & I had when we arrived in Positano. We sipped our wine, drank in the aquamarine sea and savored every scrumptios moment! “Italian daydreaming…”xoL

p.s. I have actually been doing some meditative paintings. I will have to share them here soon!


Tina’s ReVision 71

Dear Laura,

Tulips are the one flower we do not have down here and I do miss them.  We have to buy them in a pot or get them from the florist.  The ground does not freeze here during the winter which is what is required for them to grow.

I took a different route for my ReVision this week.  You spoke of depth of field and looking through some photos I just downloaded from my camera I found this one that Olin took of us watching Aidan’s basketball game a few weeks ago.  I altered it in Photoshop a bit.  This photo caught me in a moment that I am often in and enjoy~ cheering on my boys as they participate in sports.  This morning I head out to watch Olin play his first baseball game of his life.  I believe sports are great for all people as long as there is a healthy balance of joy and competition (which sadly is often unbalanced as I witness how adults coach and yell at their children from the sidelines, but that is another story for another day).  Today I celebrate their commitment to learning the rules of the game, how to be a good teammate, how to challenge oneself to be better, and have a good ol’ time.   Play ball!


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  1. Yes to that Tina! I have always loved what a raving sports fan you are and how you encourage those cute little boys of yours. This picture is great that Olin took! It was fun having them take pictures of us when I was visiting. xoL

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