abundance, thriving, organization & gratitude…


Here is our announcement to the Spring Open Studio! SO cute, right?!?!?

Hello dear friends!

Lately my life seems to be moving nowhere fast, yet at the same time I am getting a lot accomplished. I spent most of my studio day yesterday organizing, rearranging and taking the first ever inventory of my art supplies. In the back of my mind I kept thinking there were a million things I should be doing in preparation for the Open Studio and other pressing shows, yet it felt SO good and necessary as I work towards “clearing the clutter” from my life. This isn’t easy for me as I am known to hold onto things, but deep I know letting go of what is no longer useful allows room for new things to come into your life. I am far from being finished but felt good at what I accomplished. While working I reflected on the idea of abundance and living life as a thriving artist.

Making a go of this “art thing” is not always easy, especially when you are starting out, but just recognizing and appreciating what I have in this moment filled me gratitude. I have plenty of supplies, lots of ideas, deep, lasting friendships, the love of teaching, an AMAZINGLY generous and kind husband and a beautiful place to create. As I shuffled things around I felt an energy shift and decorating ideas and inspiration surfacing. I cannot wait to implement them and share them with you!

This made me think about ways to make our Open Studio studio fresh and alive and I can hardly stand the wait! One new, wonderful addition will be the bubbly voice of the FABULOUS Mary T. Sullivan friday night!  She has an amazingly delightful voice that will surely bring spring into your heart. Hope to you can make it!


I will leave you with a little video from Mary and some links to our artists! Please feel free to share this with your friends! Enjoy!


*For some reason this link isn’t showing up but you can follow it HERE until I get it fixed. Sorry about that! Worth checking out!



Our Fabulous Resident & Guest artists

Millie Donovan

Charles Estabrooks

Laura Gaffke

Serena Bates

Carol Watson

Sarah Martin

Jaclyn Murphy


Thyme to Garden

who will be blooming with their


plants for sale!

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One thought on “abundance, thriving, organization & gratitude…

  1. Hi Everyone- I got the code for the video to work. It was a tricky one. Gosh, Mary’s voice is amazing. I would really like to see her in person. I always appreciate your optimism Laura. Yes, being an artist is always a challenge and I know has to be viewed for the “forest” rather than the “one tree” at the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I picked this profession, but then again I really can’t do anything but this if I want to be working and sharing from my heart/soul/purpose/passion…..whatever you want to call it. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t creating and engaging with the world of ideas, images, and metaphor. So, how to make this a sustainable financial living is the last piece of the puzzle. It is my hope that when I reach the end of my life I have no regrets about how I have spent my time here. For those of you going to Laura’s Open Studio event, know that every one of those artists feels the same way. I hope you support and celebrate their vision, commitment, contribution to the community, and endurance in this marathon of creating a meaningful life.
    Tina :)

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